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Brazzo Contractors | Metal Fabricators | Ventilation | Edmonton, AB — Custom Metal Fabrication | Ventilation
  • Welcome To Brazzo

    Brazzo can cut with laser and plasma, shape and form any of your plate work. Our skilled employees can fabricate and assemble any of your needs in steel, aluminum and stainless.

    Welcome To Brazzo
  • State Of The Art Laser Table

    At Brazzo, we want the best results and have invested in equipment that not only will make you proud, but your customers as well.

    State Of The Art Laser Table
  • Making Metal Work For You!

    It doesn’t matter what your needs are, we can take care of them. Our specialties include working with steel, aluminum and stainless!

    Making Metal Work For You!
  • TEAM!

    Brazzo is fully committed to making an impact in the Alberta market when it comes to fabrication. We are committed and want you on our team!